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Creating My Ding in the Universe with Steve Jobs’ Footprint
Shamika Jaudon
August 10, 2014
Dr. Penny Wilkins
DeVry University

I. Introduction A. Discovering My Own Leadership B. If Steve Jobs Can Do It, So Can I C. Let Me Introduce a True Leader and Role Model: Steve Jobs D. The Footprint of Leadership and Achievement: Modeling Steve Jobs E. The Footsteps of a Role Model to Mold Me into IT Engineering Leadership
II. Networking & Communication Management into IT Engineering A. Unlimited Technology Opportunities for the Now and the Future B. The Three to Four Year Education Plan
C. Ingredients for Success in IT Engineering: Information Technology Management, Technology Design, and Technology Solutions 1. According to Steinwart & Ziegler 2014, Remembering Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a “Transformational Leader”: Implications for Pedagogy “Transformational leadership goes beyond satisfying current needs through reward to moving followers toward achievement and growth” (KK & Kumar, 2004).
III. Characteristics of an effective leader
A. Winston Churchill Defines an Effective Leader
1. “Churchill defines leadership concisely as the ability to influence people to set aside their personal concerns and support a larger agenda” (Boseman, G. 2008). B. Developing My Positive Leadership Traits with Creativity
IV. My Role Model: Steve Jobs A. BIO: Who was Steve Jobs? 1. The Entrepreneur and The Inventor
a. “Smart but directionless, Jobs experimented with different pursuits before starting Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak in 1976” (Steven Paul Jobs. (2014).
2. The Past CEO of Apple & Known Leader Role Model in Technology & Business
a. Jobs returned to his post as Apple's CEO (Steven Paul Jobs. (2014). B. Using Jobs Ambition, Struggles, and Motivation for Self-Achievement
“Under the leadership of Jobs, Apple transformed from a computer company to a consumer electronics company with the launch of innovative products such as the iPod and iPhone” (Apple Inc.: The Steve Jobs Effect 2012).
”Steve Jobs' unique leadership style and hands-on approach to running Apple has been widely analyzed. This style of leadership led to him being named Fortune Magazine’s CEO of the decade at the end of 2009” (Apple Inc.: The Steve Jobs Effect 2012).
1. Pure Perseverance Creates Leaders for Self and Others Leaving Footprints 2. Ups and Downs on the Road to