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Operations Management Study of
Loughborough Sainsbury’s Superstore

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Operation management plays an crucial role in all organization. Good operation management lead to high productivity. Appropriate operation management decisions help to minimize the cost, arrange resources effectively, maximize the utilization of resources, prevent potential problems and motivate innovations. The aim of this report is to study the operation management of Loughborough Sainsbury’s superstore using relevant theories and notions, which will be present in part 1. Then in part 2, discussion is made to contract Sainsbury’s store to London zoo, in aspects related to operation management.

Part 1

Briefing of Loughborough Sainsbury’s Superstore

Sainsbury’s is one of the biggest chain of supermarket in UK. It provide a wide range of goods including most of the daily used products. Besides, it also offer services such as delivery service and energy service.

Facilities and Process

The construction of facilities of Sainsbury’s is diversified. Self checkout system is in service which enriches the way customers are able to choose to accomplish payment. A four-unit self checkout set and a six-unit self checkout set are placed on both sides of cashier area with 11 conventional cashier counter in between. Different functional shelves are being used to display products have different storage demands. For example fresh meat should be placed in fridge shelves while large room shelves contain big-sized goods like toilet roll pack. Specialized working table is designed for selling cooked food and raw ingredient. Other facilities including the building, toilet, staff office, lights, ventilation machinery, fire equipment, electric system etc.

Like most of other big transaction volume supermarkets, the process type of Sainsbury’s is mass service with limited contact with customers. The customization level is low. People enter the store and pick goods from the shelves themselves then pay for it. There is only one customer information counter exist in the store which indicates the level of customer contact. However the patten of process is quietly changing with the fact that customers contact is increasing. Helpful staffs at delicatessen, butcher and fishmonger counters are providing service. Such services like paying for electric and gas fee, installing the fixed household equipment and delivery services which need mutual contact are gradually added into the services list. Totally, Sainsbury’s is still mass services type but customization level is increasing.

Layout and flow

Considering the layout type of Sainsbury’s, a mixed layout which combing process layout and cell layout. For examples of process layout, all frozen food and dessert are stored in freezers which are arranged together. Fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy, Canned food and raw meat are placed together respectively because different specialised equipment and technology are used to store different goods. Cell layout is noticeable as well in the supermarket. Eggs are displayed in home bakery section near flour instead of being in fresh food so that one who want to buy baking materials would save time to find the eggs. All kinds of wine are gathered together to build up an alcohol cell. Fresh vegetable, fresh meat and delicatessen areas are neighbouring which is convenient for housewives to collect cooking ingredients.

The flow is significantly affected by the layout of the supermarket. The alcohol area and snack food shelves are placed in the rear of the store and bread and milk are at relatively deep position. Customers who just want to buy alcohol or snack food may end up with buying many other items because they have to travel to the other side of the store to get what they primary want and the exposure to other item increase the chance for them to make impulse buy. Also, related products are arranged near. Customers may