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The undeniable use of sun protection daily
It was a sunny day outside, and the average temperature of that summer was breaking a record, which had not been seen in years. Inside, it was the coldest ambient that I have stayed, not only because of the cold temperature, but also because of the lifeless environment. The walls were white, the floor seemed to be already polished, and the furniture was old and well preserved. Perfect conditions of bleak atmosphere. People there tried to smile, but they knew what the next step was, and what would happen after. I was companion of my father in the session of intensive therapy for terminal patients with cancer in the last stage. Nothing could be done, there the only option was to wait. While I was waiting, I took the situation to see the other sessions with patients in the same condition, but with different types of cancer. Each floor of the hospital had a specific sort of treatment. The kids' floor was the most hopeful where the floors with patients that had protrusions in their bodies were the saddest and emptiest, even patients' relatives were rare. I saw some cases of skin cancer there, and I wish I had not seen it. The pain in that case is displayed out of the patient because there is not refuge when it is put on one's face. If there is anything that can be done for avoiding any of these situations, this thing should be done. Fortunately, in cases of skin cancer much can be done. The use of sun protection daily is a strong weapon for avoiding this type of cancer. This protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be done in several ways, throughout simple habits like staying in the shade, wearing clothes that cover arms and legs, wearing adequate accessories, such as hat and sunglasses, use of sunscreen, and avoiding outdoors exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Some people believe that these simple daily habits ­­are trivial and because of the simplicity of these habits, they think that they are not efficient. What these people and the rest of the world should know is that these simple habits can save lives, and they should use sun protection daily due to several factors.
The first biggest consideration about the use of sun protection is related to the human health. First of all, the use of sun protection daily is a manner to avoid one of the worst common types of cancer that has haunted doctors and hospitals, skin cancer. According to Skin Cancer website, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and more than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually. Besides the fact that this kind of cancer has been more common than the all other cancers combined, over the past three decades, skin cancer might result in disfigurement and even death. The results in the human health and symptoms of skin cancer can be more serious than what they are supposed to be because the skin is the largest organ of the body and it has many duties with the total operation of the human body; moreover, it covers the internal organs and protects them from injury, serves as a barrier to germs such as bacteria, and helps prevent fluid loss. When some disease affects the skin, not only does certain body wastes stop being rid of, but also the communication of temperature, touch and pain sensations are harmed. (American Cancer Society, 2014). Fortunately, this kind of cancer is almost entirely preventable with the use of sun protection daily; indeed, people have to know that they have the power of control the presence or not of this cancer in the future.
In analogy with the known proverb, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," the prevention is the better remedy for any diseases, and the main purpose of the use of sun protection daily is to protect our health; however, there are other diversified reasons why people should be alerted about the use of sun protection daily. One of these side reasons is based on how beautifully one wants to appear. Beauty