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HND Business Management
Organisational Behaviour
Individual Assignment

TASK - 1


ABC Ltd is a management consultancy firm who are involved in providing objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximizing growth or improving the business performance of their clients. They are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organization. ABC Ltd can assist by identifying options with recommendations, providing additional resources and the implementation of solutions. ABC Ltd can operate across a wide variety of services such as business strategy, marketing, financial and management controls, human resources, information technology, e-business and operations and supply-chain management.

ABC Ltd can refer generally to the provision of business consulting services, but there can be numerous specializations, such as information technology consulting, human resource consulting, sales and marketing, finance, virtual management consulting and others.
In a situation as mentioned, the managers play an important role to dedicate their employers to run the business and to provide a proper output. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to get members of staff from separate departments to work together on each customer project, then there can a lacking of motivation. The managers can motivate the staffs to increase the efficiency of the customer service.

Motivation is an important aspect of management which is aimed at influencing the behavior of subordinates for better performance and achieving the desired objectives.

Definition’s OF MOTIVATION:

According to Huczynski and Buchanan:
"Defined the motivation from three prospectives: In terms of goals towards which human behavior is directed; as the process through which those goals are pursued and achieved; and the social factors involved."

According to Mullins
"The underline concept of motivation is some driving force within individuals by which they attempt to achieve some goal in order to fulfill some need of expectation."

According to Fred Luthans
"Motivation is a process which begins with a physiological or psychological needs or deficiency which triggers behavior or a drive that is aimed at a goal or incentives."


The culture that has developed at ABC Ltd would need to change for them to operate effectively in the “new” organization structure through certain steps. These few steps has been described below:-

Motivation Strategies:

There are various strategies that I have researched which need to be followed by the managers of ABC Ltd to operate more effectively in the “new” organisation structure to motivate their staff and are discussed below:


It is really important to give feedback to the employees to motivate them to keep up the good work. This is what exactly the manager of company does but I found different ways by which manager implements this strategy and are discussed in details below: (This strategy can be related to Mayo's theory as he has concluded that better communication between manager and workers is one of the best sources of providing motivation to the workers).


Providing recognition to an employee is really important to make him keep up doing well. There are a lot of strategies by which they provide recognition to their employees. Some of them are as follows:
(Herzberg has also stated 'Recognition' as a motivating factor in his theory. So this strategy is in relevance with the 'Herzberg's two-factor theory').


Team spirit is an important factor to make the environment of the workplace enjoyable. ABC Ltd needs a tremendous team spirit in the staff. (This strategy is clearly related to Mayo's Theory as he has concluded that working in groups or teams plays a significant role