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MBA 613
Professor H. Sherman
July 1, 2013

Final Exam
Within the provided article there two key players who overall ideals and objective are considered differing. The two players have identified symptoms that have resulted in creating problems. There are several alternatives to the problems as well as perspective solution that are suggested to be enforced for both players to ensure a productive franchise.

It was Dale Carnegie who said when dealing with people; remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotions. He also said dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business… (Carnige, 2013) These statements seemed to be profound within the article But He’s The Boss. There is an organization known as The Paulson Group that is a limited liability corporation whom holds a franchising agreement with Oreck. This group is headed by a gentleman known as Marc Paulson. The Paulson Group retail Oreck stores are located within the Dutchess County section of New York within towns of Poughkeepsie, Red Hook and Fishkills.
Mr. Paulson maybe considered as a very passionate sole proprietor but to others me might be considered quite demanding, this is made significant in his approach with his co-owners. Mr. Paulson believes that owners should work at least 60 hours per week as well as serve as role models for all their employees. In 2001, Marc Paulson and John Timmson co-owner bought out the Fishkill store due to averaging sales not meeting their determined breakeven point. After an agreement has been reached John Timmson requested to be the sole proprietor to the Red Hook franchise while Marc Paulson is the sole proprietor to the Poughkeepsie and Fishkill franchises, it was perceived by John Timmson that with this particular agreement he was able experience the concept of being “his own boss” as well as looking forward to finally having some spare time on his own. According to the text, it was John Timmson’s intention to reap the benefits of his hard work and effort which was possible given his prior working arrangements. But, John Timmson also understood that in order to enjoy or experience his intended lifestyle he would need a “second in command” whom can run the facility in his absence to which an agreement was made to recruit Gerald Mahoney.
Gerald Mahoney is currently the sales manager at the Poughkeepsie store, and who will be transferred to the Red Hook store. This transfer was considered amendable to Gerald Mahoney due to the notion that he disliked working for Mr. Paulson and his enforced high pressured sales tactics as well as his assumed strong interpersonal relationship that he shared with John Timmson.
As the course of the article progresses it appears that Gerald’s overall career and work performance seems to have taken what can be classified as possible “marital” journey. During the beginning of Gerald Mahoney career he has made several positive references. He has shown as having an overwhelming love for his position, his location and overall the organization. He also has mentioned that the owner John Timmson is purposely never around to which he can run the store to his desire. These instances are shown by his overall decision of the stores image, customer approach in terms of generating sales and promoting discounts, also Gerald Mahoney is able to enforce a quality customer service. But, after several months Gerald Mahoney seems to be taking a turn for the worst.
According to Gerald he seemed quite particular when it came to the overall appearance of the store; a lesson he learned from working with Marc Paulson; but it seemed that on Gerald’s days off John Timmson would allow the store to become disheveled. He claims that John Timmson not only refuses to clean the store at the end of the day, but leaves leftover food on the working table at the rear of the store, he does not remove the trash, and does not file the