Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
Aug 25, 2014

Twitter and Facebook are social networking sites and have a strong organizational structure that is appropriate for their particular product; social media. Twitter and Facebook may seem like a simple site that does not require a structure to operate. To the inexperienced eye it may appear as though Twitter is nothing more than chatting through posts, or tweets. Tweets are text-based quotes of up to 140-characters and are posted on the user's profile page. Millions of people worldwide use Twitter and Facebook and organizations use them to advertise and promote their services. Twitter allows users to follow other users by receiving their tweets. Facebook has a similar set up where the user has friends who see the user's posts. Twitter launched in 2006 and Facebook in 2004. Both are now the most popular social networking sites. A strong organizational structure has allowed Twitter and Facebook to grow and remain strong in a competitive market place where the product is your personal life on display. Twitter and Facebook have developed their organizational structure to become one of the most used social-networking sites in the world today. MySpace previously held this spot. MySpace was used mainly by individuals to chat with each other and post pictures and other personal information. Companies never adapted to MySpace like they have with Twitter and Facebook. For this reason, advertising companies have found it more worthwhile to advertise through Twitter and Facebook. First Facebook, then Twitter realized that to stay in business and be profitable it would require high traffic on the sites and many top advertisers. Once businesses were able to take advantage of this new web tool they quickly learned how helpful it was. Users can friend or follow groups of interest. The organizations can now use this platform to promote a product, service, or even cause. Twitter is slightly different from Facebook in the way that the main purpose of the site is to tweet and follow others tweets. It is simple, easy to use, and effective. Twitter has a different business appeal because unlike Facebook there are no games or other things to do while you are logged in. Facebook has developed that area of their business and has many different games and applications to entertain a person while online. While logged into Facebook, users can also do everything from change their status, check on a friend's status, or post pictures. Facebook and Twitter both are popular social networking sites and have developed a business structure that supports their organization. Twitter and Facebook have many organizational functions that support the different responsibilities within the organizations. While Facebook is set up for enormous amounts of marketing through the use of advertising, Twitter allows individual organizations to posts tweets to keep followers interested. Through the use of games Facebook also makes money by asking users to pay for different parts of the games. Anyone who has played Farmville will attest that these games can be addicting. Since Facebook has many different ways to make money and maintain financial stability, they can continually try different things. Twitter also makes its money through advertising, just not in the same way Facebook does. Twitter promotes products using promoted tweets. Organizations pay Twitter to promote their products in searchable tweets. Tweets are searchable even through sites like Google and Bing. While it is less obvious on Twitter, they like Facebook make most of their money promoting other businesses. The more human traffic on the site the more desirable it is for other organizations to advertise with this site. As a result of Facebook and Twitter's high volume of traffic each day, Companies don't mind paying for advertisement space on the sites. Facebook and Twitter use a horizontal structure and functional organization. They are set up