Overcoming Obstacles In Today's Society

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In today's society many people encounter different obstacles and disadvantages in their lives. In addition, each obstacle can be turned into a positive influence and aspect which will lead to having a happy productive life another way they can be turned into something good is that if you accept and learn from them your obstacles will more than likely not happen again. It doesn’t matter who you or where you live, we all have rough times and the only way we can get something out of our obstacles and disadvantages is to see the good side of things.

Many people say that the obstacles and disadvantages that encounter you have reasons why they happened and when they happened. Many people are think that overcoming obstacles and disadvantages become abate and not important anymore. They believe Fighting for what you want does not matter anymore it's the easier path to take and live. Moreover, They even say that we should accept our failure
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For example, In the novel, The Glass Castle the protagonist Jeanette, a young girl, is barely starting her life and deals with many obstacles and disadvantages as a young child which she should not take on. Consequently, she does not have a education and deals with a her psychotic mother and father always on the move while taking care of her siblings. Therefore, This affects her not changing her state of mind and still being positive and optimistic about life. Jeannette also does not let herself be pushed down by the obstacles and disadvantages her life throws at her. As a result, Jeannette moves away from her normal life , she also married a splendid man, and is successful wealthy in the great city of Manhattan, New York. In summarization the obstacles and disadvantages that are thrown into your way can be turned into a positive influences and in the end you can have a better, happy ,productive