World State and Our World Essay

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World State and Our World In our modern world, most people are given opportunities to experience nature and different cultures. Occasionally, some people are not valued because of the interest of another society. The imaginary society that is described in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley has taken away freedom, which is one of the most important rights a human being has; that is, freedom to learn from mistakes, freedom to choose, and freedom to experience the existence in other parts of the world, in different environments, and with one another. Also, this imaginary society has taken away freedom of thought and has totally diminished individuality, which is essential for a diverse humanity. Additionally, personal connections are discouraged and conditioned away so that said perfect society will not be threatened by its citizens.
Many other factors prevent any disputes within the system, such as having absolutely no knowledge of the past, eliminating frustration, always being physically satisfied, and the use of soma, a medication or a legal drug used as a conditioning tool, etc. This society is based on the logic of supply and demand. There are an exact number of items available so the economy will always be balanced. Also, science and technological developments have a great impact on this society, even on human reproduction. Science is used to ensure the existence of next generation, but not from love. Everything has been well-planned and organized to reach the ultimate goal, social stability. According to this imaginary society, strong emotion is the only thing that prevents humans from achieving the ultimate goal. In contrast to our world, where human beings might make decisions based on emotions rather than practicality, or because of family, love, marriage and moral values, in the perfect society, practical decisions are made based on the premise that what is best for certain groups is best for everyone. In today’s world, a child is created when a man and a woman get together and engage in a sexual activity. Depending on circumstances, a member of the next generations is born, usually after nine months. In the ideal society, better known as World State, three different cloning methods are used to create the five castes. These five vital castes are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Bokanovsky is one of the processes used to produce human beings. In this process, an egg is shocked so that it divides into ninety-six identical human beings. Another technique used by World State’s experts is known as Podsnap, which can expedite the cloning process. Hundred of related individuals can be produced from the ova and sperm of the same couple by using this technique. Another process is also used. Following fertilization, the embryos are conveyed into their bottles, and after nine months, they are born. This process is only used for Alpha and Beta castes, because they have a higher status in society than Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon. Also, Alpha and Beta’s mental capacities and physical appearances are far more developed than the rest of the castes. During the previously mentioned processes, embryos are treated and conditioned genetically, physically, and psychologically, in order to fulfill their duties after the completion of the process. Predestinators determine how many of each caste is needed and how they should to be conditioned. In the World State, reproduction of humans has turned into a business to maximize efficiency and profit, which is contrary to today’s world, where reproducing a human being is considered to be an act of love and having many children or not is an individual’s choice. Children are not conditioned or forced to perform certain duties. Any human being in our world is capable of enhancing his or her living condition. Like any other goal, it takes strong determination, hard work, and much effort. He has to take advantage of opportunities and push himself to the limits to reach his goal, but it