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* DESTIN FLORIDA BEACH * My favorite location is in Destin Florida at the beach. I take my son their every year, for Spring break. It is such a lovable peaceful sight to be. So many attractions that will blow your mind away. This is a place that you will want to revisit every time. When I first visited Destin Florida the beach was breath taking , the white sand ,blue water, and the smell of the salty ocean water. Me and my son, always stay in one of the nice Condo’s, with everything inside, full kitchen, nice balcony with nice view, and all types of restaurants. I love to cook when we go there, so I make sure to take grocery’s with us. Sometimes one of the stays, we will go out and enjoy the good seafood restaurant, but I love to budget, and cook so that’s why we take sons favorite thing to do while we are there, is to swim in the water, he just loves the water, and will stay in their all day if I let him. The Palm trees is another attraction that I enjoy, it feels like we are in another world so peaceful and quiet. A lot of family’s goes to Destin, and the college kids goes to Panama City Beach, which is before you get to Destin. So if you have children Destin will be the place to go, it’s a little more expensive but it’s worth the sons other favorite ,is this big amusement park, it has all types of things for kids. Go cart, Mini Golf, Game Room, so that’s where I take him. Me on the other hand, love all the Outlet Stores, they have every shopping