Pediatric Nurse Career Essay

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For my sophomore year of high school, the career I chose to research was an FBI agent because they are the elite police officers of America that protect and serve for the citizens of this country. I chose this career because my father is a police officer and I always highly respected his job, but intrigued as well in the duties. Unfortunately, I will not continue to research becoming an FBI agent. Instead the career path I have chosen to follow and research is a pediatric nurse practitioner. I've chosen this field of interest because nurses are the heart of healthcare. Without nurses, hospitals and doctor's offices will not function properly. Becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner and being able to work with children to allow them to be happy and healthy is just a huge goal I have set for myself.
2. The person I have chosen to be my mentor in this field is Mrs. Katherine Perkins. Mrs. Perkins is a board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She works under my former pediatrician Dr. Elenita Santos-Mata at Zachary Pediatrics.
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A failure that I have overcame was making the cheer team. It took a few years, many tears, and lots of try-outs, but I finally, did it. Freshmen and sophomore year, I did not make it, but junior year I did even though it was junior varsity it was a step toward my goal. Now it is senior year and I am a varsity cheerleader. It took 2 years of private tumbling and coaching to get me here. There was a point when I just wanted to give up and stop because my mind kept telling me that I could not do it and it just was not worth my tears. Deep down in my heart I knew I had to do this to say that I set a goal and even though it took a few years I did it. The voice in the back of my head pushed me through. I learned that goals do not happen overnight and that you must fight for what you want. I think this how college will be for me and hopefully the voice in the back of my head will get me through nursing school if I feel like giving