Why I Want to Become a Doctor Essay

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Part one: y I wanna b a doc

Medical profession is a very respectable and honored field of expertise, the passion that derives me to it comes from various life experiences.

Wht things helped me decide that I wanted to b a doc
I come frm a third world country and iv seen people die due to lack of docs

- Grandfather died due to lack of proper treatment and medication

I hv seen physicians diagnose and help cure their patients and this whole act interests me a lot

My interest in the field of chemistry and biology has added to my decision in proceeding into the medical field (eg: in earlier experiences in class I had an opportunity to dissect a human body and its parts tendon and muscles.. I learnt a lot frm that
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You can then examine the experiences to see what, exactly, about them made them important. This will often yield a good focus.
Here are some tips to consider when choosing an experience to evaluate for a focus: * It should be unique. It does not have to be life shattering, but you should be able to write about it with conviction, enthusiasm and authority. * It should be an experience you feel some passion for. You must be able to support it as a "turning point" in your life. Ask yourself, "How did I change as a result of this experience?" For example, did it give you a new perspective or understanding, did it give you a new direction in life, or help you come to an important realization? * Don't limit yourself to thinking of experiences that can translate well into the moral of " . . . and that's why I want to be a doctor." Choose something that you feel is truly representative of you, and something that you feel you can use to transition to other relevant aspects of your life. Otherwise, your statement may come off sounding staged or strained. * It should be sustainable throughout your statement. In other words it has to have enough depth and flexibility to carry you through your statement while avoiding repetition. The details of the event should afford you opportunity to talk about related