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Performance Appraisal Assignment

BUS303: Human Resources Management

Performance Appraisal Assignment There are many ways that a manager giving an employee an effective performance appraisal can increase employee performance. Sometimes employers use bribery to keep their employees satisfied. When employees enjoy their work environment, their performance remains productive. It is almost like dating in the same way that you have to keep your date, or in this case employee, interested in you or your company. After you bait the fish, you hook it. When a performance appraisal is done effectively, the employee will leave their meeting with increased Self-esteem and the encouragement to improve on their short comings. In my opinion, the most effective strategy is the Management by Objective Method. This method is best applied using the Goal setting theory which “views humans as being motivated to pursue measurable and challenging goals.” (Youssef, 2012). By giving employees deadlines to certain created goals, they become short term goals. Psychologically, short term goals appear to be more feasible than long term goals. Not to mention that long term goals give employees the opportunity to procrastinate. One of the strategic advantages of performance appraisal is that employers have an advantage over their competition to hire whomever they want or can afford. The employers do a lot of research before designing the benefits package though. They take into consideration, the culture and needs of the potential employee. Potential forms of bias within the appraisal system include recruiting. With the monetary resources necessary to do market research, the employer has the advantage of knowing what their competition offers their employees. With that knowledge they can one up them by adding a more personalized benefits package. By tailoring the packages to appeal to a certain target audience, the employee will feel like it was created for them in particularly even though it was created to appeal to their certain demographic.
Performance appraisals can contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives by referring to certain benefits as rewards which means it has to be earned. Some rewards are offered before a goal is set for the employee and then given to them after that goal is achieved. This rules out the bias of seniority and allows hard working employees to equally compete for rewards through action rather than just climbing a corporate ladder. Both rewards and threats can be beneficial to increase employee performance. Fear is definitely an effective motivator. If an employee feels that they are expendable at their job, they will go out of their way to look valuable to their employer to retain their position. “To determine job placement decisions such as promotions, demotions, and