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Individual Performance management is defined as, a program which the management uses to check or evaluate the current performance of the individuals and to improve the performance in the upcoming tasks. Individual performance management is a never ending process to help the company and its workers. And we can also define it as a process of that companies used to ensure that their employees are contributing high quality product or service. It helps to get involved in planning.
The first process in individual performance management is planning. It allows an individual to plan how the company should structure its policies and procedures for producing its products or services.
In individual performance management it is necessary to monitor the individuals. So the next processing is monitoring performance. It involves checking the progress of the product or service at random and predetermined times. Based on this analysis, the employees is given continual feedback on whether he is doing well and what all things he can improve for improving the company’s product or service.
The third process of individual performance is development. For development of the individuals, the individual should attain proper training to improves his current skill and to get uptodate information.
The forth process of individual performance is rating. It is the review of individual performance. Every individual is allowed to provide input on how he feels in doing his job.
The final process for individual is rewards. It means giving promotion or perks to individual according to his or her performance.
Group performance management is a direction of a work group or team in order to increase the effectiveness of the group as measured by comparison with expected progress or outcomes of the group work and organizational benchmarks of the group work. In other words we can say that team performance management includes both the outputs produced by the group and the contribution of individual group members to the success of the group. The team is the group of people working together towords specific goal. the goal may be the attainment of specific product result, achievement of particular sales target, completion of a complex administrative work with in a time period. In group performance the goal is very