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Week 2
Professional Development Plan
Sharayah L. Walker
May 26, 2014
Barbara Harpin-Fuller

In a business, it is very imperative to understand that to become an effective leader there needs to be understanding of different personalities and develop knowledge of handling a variety of situational factors pertaining to behavior to lead their organization into success. This main objective is to create professional development plan that impact the organization in a positive manner to increase individual and team performance, motivation and fulfillment or satisfaction to prevail in a business setting. There will be also a discussion of the DISC assessment between the leadership styles that were determined and not evaluated to proceed with the overall characteristic for Team D. There will also discussion of the five team members’ different DISC assessments to overall state the unique of this team that can be applied to determine the characteristics of this team. Finally, there will be a collective analysis for individual and group traits to develop how I can be a great leader as well as my team members.
The objective to create the professional development is to develop a positive impact that could enforce the nature of any business plan that will increase the performance, satisfaction and motivation with the organization. This plan will be a focal point on different human behavior with personalities, emotions, values and attitudes.
There are essential factors to increase the productivity in a business setting from group and individual to lead the organization into success. For a leader to strive for greatness, there are certain steps a leader in a team needs to follow to convince and inspire their team members to be motivated to complete the tasks to get the job done. Within in leadership position, it is important that any leader understand their will be challenges and obstacles that they shall overcome including dealing with the different human behavior for personalities, values, attitudes and emotions.
In order for a team to lead, a key element for a team to succeed is motivation. Developing a strong relationship between leader and subordinate is crucial to increase productivity and will determine the outcome of fulfilling goals and tasks by organizations’ standards. It is very important and the responsibility for a leader to acknowledge the achievements, recognitions of work performance with the group as well as individually. A leader needs to make sure there employees are satisfied and challenged whether its flextime for working schedule, rewarding in performance on achieving goals and continuous process improvement to create a strong successful working environment.
Team D was very interesting to see the assessment of the different leadership styles that was conspired. As you can see from the chart below, two members were dominance , two steadiness and one cautious.

There were no interactive leadership styles which in my opinion can gather that there will have a strong team of getting deadlines do on time (dominance) and then there will be a need of maintaining composure to get the task at hand completed on time regardless of the circumstances (steadiness). Although, cautious style is person who will be able to problem solve systematically when the going gets tough shows who we as a team will be able to become strong as a unit.
I was assessed as the dominance leadership style trait. I believe 100% that these valuation who I am as leader. I do have a take charge approach of getting the work done, I hate missing deadlines so doing things to the last minute is unacceptable to me and learning how to react to a crises can be very difficult. Although, I think these are good characteristics I learned as a leader I need to understand some of weaknesses: which are I can be distant to be nurturing on