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Connecting the team with vision and strategy

Organisation & Vision.
Vision is like a dream that an organisation wants to turn into reality. A clear vision plays an important role in an organisation and helps in building the right strategy and identifying the clear direction and tactical plans to attain the objectives by the help of teams. I work for a UK based clothing distribution company, established in 2004. It’s a small company with a big vision of becoming Europe's largest clothing distribution company selling and introducing premium quality clothing brands at an affordable price, for those who wish to stand out and become innovators among the crowd. West Coast Distribution Ltd does not use the word vision in fact take it as a goal. To me, an organisation is an entity where two or more people work together for a common purpose. Organisations have certain goals in mind that should be achieved, meaning an organisation should be purposeful. A purposeless organisation with no vision does not last very long. These goals and purposes are achieved through the managers working for the organisation who perform management or in other words perform some activities, functions and skills and help the organisation achieving its goals. It was this vision and goal in mind that has enabled West Coast Distribution Ltd. to survive in this highly competitive market for the last decade.

Common Purpose
In an organisation, a team is a group of people with certain skills working together towards a common purpose in order to achieve performance goals and at the same time also accountable for their actions. This can be created by involving the team in agreeing the goals and objectives. The importance of the team having a common sense of purpose supporting the overall vision and strategy of the organisation is undeniable. If the team lacks it, it will not be able to achieve the organisation's goal. And, effectively communicating it to the team could be challenging and that’s where the leadership comes in.

"Leadership is the name of continuous struggle and a leader is someone who takes stand and who has a vision and someone who has the capability to take pressure. When all others sit down, he stands and continuous struggle or effort makes him the real leader. (Sir Imran Khan in a TV interview, 29th Oct, 2014)"

Developing a sense of common purpose is like adding fuel to the fire. A leader develops a sense of common purpose in the organisation and transforms 'Me' into 'We' hence creating a driving force and connecting the team in achieving the organisation's goal. The success and failure of any team depends on the leader who leads the team towards the organisation's vision and makes effective decisions. Organisational goals can be linked to individual targets. In order to be effective and efficient, SMART objectives and targets should be set for the team in line with the budget and resources followed by the action plan telling how these objectives will be achieved that will support the overall strategy and vision of the organisation. This can be done by arranging a team meeting and discussing issues and encouraging the members.

Details exactly what needs to be done
Achievement or progress can be measured
Objective is accepted by those responsible for achieving it
Objective is possible to attain (important for motivational effect)
Time period for achievement is clearly stated

For example, one of the SMART objectives of West Coast Distribution Ltd. Sales Department is to research and contact the new potential customers 2 or 3 times a week. This is specifically related to the sales strategy.

“Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader’s success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively.” ( Norman Allen )

Communication, or to be more precise effective communication, is a key to success. While communicating to a team, a leader must make