Personal Development Plan Assignment Essay

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Henley business school – sa08 | STAGE 1: PDP – SELF AWARENESS REFLECTION AND PLAN | Personal Development Plan | | Name: Theophelius Kanakana | 15/04/13 |

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1.1. Introduction 1
1.1.1. Self-Awareness Reflection 2
1.1.2. My Personal Development Plan 3 Short-Term Goal 4 Medium-Term Goal 4 Long-Term Goal 4
1.1.3. Strengths 5
1.1.4. Weaknesses 5
1.1.5. Opportunities 5
1.1.6. Threats 6
Bibliography 7
1. Stage 1 – Personal Development Plan (Self Awareness Reflection and Plan)

1.1. Introduction
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I am also mentoring and coaching eight professionals in their respective careers.
To grow from a Human Capital Business Partner level to Managing the Business/Division there are a few milestone that I need to achieve in terms of designation, which are as follows: * Human Capital Business Partner * Head: Human Capital Business Partners * Divisional Executive Human Capital
Along with these, I am required to develop my certain skills i.e. presentation, Emotional resilience, prompt decision making, project management, strategic planning and leadership. As, these are the most important and necessary skills to be a good business manager/divisional manager as the quality of these skills which I am currently having are only good enough to a Human Capital Business Partner level, and to improve them to Head and finally to Divisional level I am required to gain good experience and knowledge which will come with time and practice.
Further, to achieve my goal of being a Business/Divisional Manager, I have distributed my achievements into a short term, medium term and long term goals in order to have an organized and perfect approach towards achieving my goal i.e.: Short Term Goal:
To successfully complete my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) by end of 2015. As to be a good Business/Divisional Manager you need to have