Personal Identity In Schools

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Growing up in a primarily white community was difficult as a young child. There was always an underlying sense of racism in my town. Many adults presented weariness of people of my ethnic background. It shocked people to see my mother a woman of light skin color, dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes holding the hand of a child with tan skin, curly thick hair, and deep brown eyes. I was plagued with negative thoughts of my identity and I would often catch myself questioning why I was so unlucky to be born different from other children of my age. I believed that the opportunities that they had would never be offered to a child like me. As the years passed and I was subjected to the silent oppression from my community I began to repress my ethnicity, …show more content…
In this society, it has become evident that this knowledge is vital for the growth of an individual's personal identity. My experiences have inspired me to want to help young children embrace their ethnicities. When young the mind it is subjectable to negative stereotypes and thoughts of certain cultures and societies. Young children need to be educated of their ethnic identity to prevent them from repressing an important part of their individuality. I believe that schools should introduce certain programs that would aid this cause. These programs should properly educate children on the different cultures around the world and how important your ethnic background is to the development of their identity. This process would allow for the diminishment of racism and cultural repression. Parents should be encouraged to share family history and traditions with young children to enrich them with a positive and important depiction of themselves and their ethnic identity. By educating individuals it promotes positivity amongst the comprehension of different ethnicities, potentially eliminating repression of cultural and racism. I hope to encourage individuals to participate in these acts to result in the enrichment of that this knowledge will bring to their experiences and