Personal Narrative Analysis

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I stood at the top of the pain cave watching the slim teenage boys glide up hill with intolerable pain. All of them were fully aware of the distance to the finish ~1000 meters. As I watched their muscles flex like a football player bench pressing. The dirt underneath the well-worn sneakers, smashed. The undeniable force of gravity pulls them down as they try to counter it. There is something uniform about all of them; they gulp for air, yet don’t receive any. The matted hair is streaked with sweat. Emotions running high - is a personal record possible? After watching the boys crest the top of the pain cave, only to be met by another hill. This grassy hill has no affectionate name. I can tell you from experience it is a unfortunate sight to sore legs. As the runners fly by, the last piece I notice is the sneakers. …show more content…
They are relatively new, probably only pounded 40 or so miles into them. However, a bond like super glue was formed as soon as I bought them. Let’s do this I whispered to myself the first time double-knotting the laces. Running is a pretty inexpensive sport there is no extra gear you really need besides proper footwear. Olympians and high schoolers alike will boast about finding the perfect match - a true soulmate.
While other annoying non-negotiable factors can stop you from running. Sneakers should not be the blame. They should never stop you from that extra lap on the track. If anything, they should keep you going further than you thought you could ever go. At the end of the day, your sneakers should be there to give you a little boost. The sweet placidness of watching teenage boys suffer after I had just been through the same ordeal was strangely calming. This moment was rudely interrupted by the undeniably annoying buzz, beep, and bop of my cellphone ringing. After fumbling around and my dropped water bottle almost rolling down the hill, I answered the