Personal Narrative Essay

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One day on a sunny hot summer day there was a young lady who lived in a average sized yellow house on summers st. Ave. where a dog named Sally and an adult named lisa lived. One day Sally wanted to go for a walk but lisa wanted to go to the store to get items for a party she was throwing tomorrow night for her friends birthday! So Lisa told sally to get in and after she gets her stuff for the birthday party she will take her for a walk at the park that has a trail for people to walk,run,and walk their dogs!
Sally jumps in the car as she was told. As they get to the store sally wags her tail the whole way there. A few minutes later they get to the store. By that time, lisa is on the phone having a conversation with her friend alex, alex is the girl she is throwing the party for, Lisa shuts the door behind her not giving a care in the world that her dog sally was still in the car! Lisa was so distracted from the conversation she was having, she did not even
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So they went ahead and broke the window and busted the door open to save sally, They noticed that sally had black spots all over her body and they were all different shapes and sizes!? The officer’s took sally out of the car and rushed her to the vet because they did not know why she was growing spots?? While the vet came to pick up sally, The officers went in the store to go find lisa and tell her what just happened! The officers found a picture of her in her car so they knew what she looked like and just when they turned around they spotted lisa walking out of the store with two big bags filled with party stuff!! The officers named josh and mike ran up to her and told her everything!It turns out they could never find out what happened to sally,But what they do know is that she did not return to lisa! She was put up for adoption and adopted by a loving and caring