Personal Narrative Essay

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Kaja Pianko February 8, 2015
St. Joseph School Grade 8
Mrs. Lefebvre Language Arts

Breaking Bad or Breaking Good

I got so hooked on Breaking Bad. I never wanted to stop watching until I finished watching all the seasons. I told myself, I will watch an episode or two of Breaking Bad and a few YouTube videos after I am done with my homework. Then, I will take a shower. If I have time before my bedtime, which I set for myself, then I will watch another episode of Breaking Bad. The episodes sometimes end in a very suspensful way that keeps the viewer want to keep watching to find out what happens next. One night, I got out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and I had a few minutes left before my bedtime. I went on my IPad to watch a short YouTube video, and, then, I made a pretty bad decision.
Instead of going to sleep or watching a short YouTube video, I decided to watch a forty-five minutes long episode of Breaking Bad. I thought this over a little bit because I knew there will be consequences. If I watch the entire episode of Breaking Bad, I will go to sleep late, and it will be hard for me to wake up in the morning. I still decided to watch one entire episode because I was extremely curious about what will happen next in the show. My curiosity led to watching another forty-five minute episode. I wanted to finish watching all the episodes I had not watched yet, but I knew if I chose to do that I would get no sleep at all. I knew I needed to sleep or I will suffer many bad consequences. I decided to watch only two episodes then go to sleep. The next morning when my mom entered my bedroom to wake me up, my eyes were glued shut. I could not open them. This is when I realized I made a terrible decision the night before. I should not have stayed up that late to watch Breaking Bad. I lied in bed for about five minutes before I finally got my eyes to function properly. I managed to come out of my warm, comfortable bed. All I wanted to do was sleep! I was exhausted. I did not want to get ready for school or do anything else. I did not have as much time as I usually had to get ready for school. I took my time eating breakfast and getting ready for school because I was lacking energy from sleep-deprivation.