Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Middle School Student

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When I first attended Forest Hills Northern in March of my 8th grade year, I instantly felt an overwhelming welcome from the staff and students at FHN. I couldn’t have been more spoiled as an unfamiliar middle school student. My counselor, Ms. Telzerow, helped me with almost everything possible, from providing me with the option to take ATYP math as a new student to introducing me to students that have similar interests. All of the teachers were very willing to give me the attention and assistance I needed to conform with the class. I was even invited to sit at the lunch table with some of the “popular kids” within my first week here. I didn’t have any problems with the typical bully: swatting books out of my hand, shoving me into lockers, calling me names, the list goes on and on. As soon as I felt this overwhelming sensation of hospitality, I knew that I would enjoy my next four years here, but I …show more content…
All of the teachers that have taught me and all of the students that I have collaborated with have all become part of the most important chapter of my life so far: high school. In addition to playing an important role in my high school career, they have all played a far more substantial role in preparing me for my next chapter in life: college. Without the people I have encountered in my life, I would not be the person that I am today. The relationships that I have built with fellow classmates and teachers are those that will be maintained even when I age to be 30, 40, 50, even posthumously once I pass away. Our paths will surely cross, and when they do, I want to be able to look back at high school and converse about it for hours on end. All things considered, as Hubert Humphrey said “The greatest gift of life is friendship.” To fit in and be a part of the community is the gift that the FHN community has given me. At the very least, I can give back the greatest gift of life,