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Survival, end of the world 2013
General Purpose:
To persuade
Specific Purpose:
At the end of my speech, the audience should believe that I am a worthy candidate to be on the ark and for them to want me on the ark.
Central Idea:
I am a good candidate for the ark because I am strong, fit, charismatic, and a great life-guard.

I am here today under grim circumstances to convince you of my worthiness of a place on our ark. This world is coming to its end and it will take a special set of skills and a diverse range of people on that ark to insure the survival of the human race. It will also take commitment and hardworking people, which I can guarantee you I am just that.
Today my responsibility is to prove to you why my set of skills and myself as a person is worth having on our ark. I will re-assure you of why you would want me next to you as we fight for the survival for mankind together, as a whole.
With that, I have three simple reasons to present to you today of why I should be saved along with you all.

I. I am strong, fit, and hard working.
A. 6’1, 190 LBS, 10 percent body fat
B. Great cardio from years of swimming
C. Two practices a days and running a small business on the side
II. Large and diverse Ethnic mix.
A. German
B. Iranian
C. Irish
D. Cherokee Indian
III. Great Life Guard.
A. Being on a boat we will need guards.
B. D1 college swimmer.
C. Surfed big waves in Hawaii
D. Aced my CPR test