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College application
I have always been fascinated by science and as i have grown i have developed a particular interest in the biology of animals. I have chosen chemistry due to consistent high grades in the subject throughout high school and because it will go well alongside biology. I have chosen psychology because i am intrigued by the way both humans and animals think and act upon situations, i would enjoy learning about various mental illnesses and developing a greater understanding. I have chosen to do english language and literature because i have achieved high grades throughout the year and i find both aspects interesting.
Holy cross college is known as one of the best colleges in England. The area that attracts me to Holy cross most is the high pass rate and extra curricular activities for biology and chemistry. I am especially attracted to these because i wish to excel in a career involving science, i would also love to get involved in the competitions and extra curricular activities involving sciences. I think that being able to study religious studies is a brilliant opportunity without the stress of having it take up one of my AS options. I am interested in religious studies and would like to develop my understanding further.
My interests and hobbies mainly include going out with friends, reading, long walks, looking after/spending time with animals, doing art in my spare time and playing the keyboard. I would prefer to watch a documentary rather than soaps