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Jennifer Robles
December 19, 2012
Period 1
Prompt #2 An experience that has changed my life? Doesn’t every day, every hour, every second make up who we are today? I have grown to believe, that we are who we are by the choices we make today. With that being said, everyday changes my perspective on life, but I have come to recognize that there are those moments that truly make us stop and think, “Wow, this really motivates me to become a better person.” It was October 31, 2012, the annual Halloween party was being held at my high school, East Bakersfield High, for the MOVE program. The MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) program is designed to meet the needs of students with severe physical disabilities within the public school system. I had joined the Peace, Love, and Happiness club that year. It’s a club where we encourage all types of students to come together and look pass the differences to dissolve the social barriers that have separated us all from each other. The PLH club has always hosted the Halloween party and I had volunteered for the first time ever. I heard from the students who had volunteered last year say that it was a really rewarding experience, instead of us serving them, they served us by giving us an experience we will never forget. In a way, I believed their words but I thought to myself, “It’s too good to be true. A party can’t just change your life in an instant, right?” As the weeks went by, and Halloween was arriving, I thought I had prepared myself mentally for what was coming. I read articles about different types of physical disabilities, what to do and what not to do when around them, and I asked the PLH founder, Mr. Bema “How can I make this the best possible experience for them without overdoing it?” He replied, “Just treat them like you would with anybody else. We’re all about including not excluding.” The day was here and there I was standing outside the gymnasium doors as a sailor waiting to welcome all the children who had come to join the Halloween party. Kids from all over the city were coming to what was described as, “One of the biggest social events for the special needs children of the year, which was hosted by students.” As the children from the schools arrived, so did their smiles. Their happiness was contagious so I couldn’t help but smile too. After all the children had arrived, I went to go dance with many of them with the company of my friends. I