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I find the idea of programming events according to certain triggers and making code work with different animations interesting. Games programming appeals to me because it combines my love of games and my fondness of programming. I feel that the games design degree will allow me to progress in the methods of writing games and I feel this course will allow me to achieve my goal in games design.

Throughout my BTEC in Information Technology in which I have used several different languages of coding in my coursework. I particularly enjoyed the Java language. I have learnt to do a wide array of things including an intimate knowledge of the inner hardware of the computer, how to work with spreadsheets. I know how to check to see if there is a physical issue with the PC, I know how to work with spreadsheets and databases, I have also studied graphic design, this helped me when I started my web design module.

Due to my keen interest in Java, I have studied outside my course, firstly by looking at tutorial videos by thenewboston but also in an online course. In these courses I have created a basic modification for the game Minecraft, I added several different objects to the game in which they did unique things. I found this aspect of computing extremely interesting and I hope to continue this in a degree in game. I have also started looking at the free game engine “Unity” and have started to learn to working with it. I also plan to use the learning version of the unreal engine as well In the past I have attempted to use several different programs to help me make some small fun games, such as RPG maker X and made my own Pokémon “hack”, which Is where you take a current Pokémon games mechanics and paste them onto a customized map with “homemade” Pokémon, with friends. I enjoyed making this game and I am looking forward to the opportunity of creating more complex games throughout my degree. I also took a brief six week course in