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I am applying for a place to study the social work degree. My reason for this chosen subject is because as far as I can remember I have enjoyed working with people and helping out on a voluntary basis by engaging with the wider community. I have lived in an area where key issues impacted upon the community from children to older adults due to neglect, drug abuse, social isolation, crime, disability and mental health.
Social work is about empowerment of the disadvantage. I have had excellent moral values instilled in me from a young age, alongside taking on responsibility of caring for others within the family unit this experience has further made me enhance upon my organisation, time management and co-operation skills. I am a people's person and I have many friends from different backgrounds and this has made me more self-aware. Within social work it is important to understand people's situation, such as poverty ill health etc. Whatever the circumstance showing empathy and committing towards working in an anti discriminatory practice is vital. I have had to deal with life's calamities and adversities within my family. This has made me a determined, strong, steadfast individual and I continue to learn to make a difference. Personally I believe all individuals regardless of their circumstances should be given equal opportunities.
Theory helps underpins practice, therefore whilst I was studying sociological perspectives I gained a deeper insight into the nature of society and how society can alienate and influence peoples behaviour. This has shown me the inequalities within society and how individual needs are met. The psychological perspective made me understand how behaviours are processed and how they are perceived by individuals. Good command of English language will be an integral part of social work, because it will entail report writing, undertaking assessments and communicating in a professional and sometimes more informal manner, therefore I am currently enhancing upon this subject.
My voluntary work at British Heart Foundation charity shop has empowered me to maximise my potential, often when customer's call I have had to apply my skills of communication with empathy and treating with individuals with respect. I have achieved many wards in sports and Youth work setting during and most recently I was nominated the Service to Others award from the St. George for England and Voluntary Youth Network. I have volunteered for Youth Action a group which involves empowering young people. We have done projects like healthy eating, risk taking behaviour and interfaith. Also I