Personal Statement: A Career In Pharmacy As A Career

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Personal statement

Student's life has brought challenges and rewards that I feel enhanced and added number of encouraging input to my character . I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and caring member of University of Jouf, with a burning drive to strive forward on a continuous journey of self - improvement .

I have always had a great interest in Science and Mathematics because of the impacts that both of these have on our daily lives . I have become fascinated by pharmacy as a career because it brings together Chemistry and Math's and directly effects on the lives of people in the community . I have learnt valuable skills in the subjects I have taken which will be beneficial to a career in pharmacy . I broadly enjoy studying science and my intellectual curiosity ensures I stay well ahead of the program . More inspiration to choose pharmacy came from participating and attending lectures given by top practitioners at
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With my intention to expand my knowledge in my field and to modify my clinical skills as I undergo that the importance of gaining these are essential for I believe that your university is one of the leading schools to learn in the United Kingdom at present to endow me with the clinical pharmacy , fundamentals of pharmacology , molecular biology , and the analytical and practical techniques currently used in this area. To make me familiar with the molecular pharmacology, drug analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring drug interactions, drug development and safety, pharmacokinetics, drug toxicity, and design and conduct of clinical trials. To have direct experience of the field through a significant relevant research projects including statistics and computing using a problem based learning