Personal View On Leadership

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The purpose of this project was to get a better understanding of the leader’s personal perspective on leadership, their experience of as a builder of relationships, and a social architect of their organization. Our team asked several questions to cover several theories of interest regarding leadership, motivation, power, empowerment, and communication. The team selected this leader because we saw him as a business owner who has grown and became very successful.

When asked what his leadership style was, it seemed authoritative. It was his way and not anyone else’s. He did say he does consider opinions and sometimes makes changes. To me it seems like it would take a lot of convincing. He should always keep an open mind and keep the door open so employees can bring him new suggestions to help the business and satisfy more customers. When customers are satisfied and had a great experience they will come back. He thinks being consistent and supportive are two key values of a good leader. I believe those are good key values to have, but not the two most important. A good leader is so much more than just two key values. His vision for his business is to make money. This response is true for most if not all business owners. The response to make more money seems to make him a little greedy. In my opinion he could have answered this question with growth of the business and about how he wants to serve more customers in many ways. With my response it sounds a little more professional and you would understand that with growth there will be money without actually talking about it. You wouldn’t see a car dealership owner answer this question like him on tv. I strongly agree with his response to make his vision a reality he said, “I think the easiest way to make our business what I want is to make my expectations understood by my employees. Training and educating