Essay about Personality: Medicine and Personality Test

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After finishing the personality test, I knew that the careers given wouldn’t be accurate, but also knew that I would consider these careers and learn more about them. I was surprised because some careers came up that I was already interested in or considered.
As I calculated my results, I found that my personality was INFJ. The results told me I had a few primary traits to help define the best career direction. The first trait is that I succeed by perseverance and put their best efforts into their work. The second trait is that I succeed in originality and have a desire to do whatever is needed or wanted. The trait describes how I live life with feelings and respected by the decisions I make. Consequently, I will do well at tasks which involve me doing things in my original way and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
After reading my results, I was really surprised to find how accurate it described who I am. During school, I always try to do my best and sometimes I like to over achieve. And the third trait states how I am respected by the decisions I make and personally, I really do. I make decisions carefully and will try to make choices that will not only benefit myself, but the people who I care mostly about. When reviewing the careers given to me, I was interested in looking into them right away. The careers were Clergy/Religious Work, Teachers, Medical Doctors/Dentists, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Alternative Health Care Practioners, and Counselors and Social Workers. Medical Doctors right away caught my eye because I was really interested in the medical field. I have got references to make different doctors and was interested in many of the different things they got to do. Having parents that are…