Essay about Personality of Jesus

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October 10, 2013
The Personality of Jesus I think Jesus was ahead of his time. He was a rebel, much like the youth in the twenty-first century. He went against the grain in a time where it was unheard of. If someone from the church read those first three sentences they would probably tell me I’m insane. How could the messiah be compared to out of control teenagers? How could you call the son of God a rebel? My question to them is what is the difference between the son of God then and a college kid shouting out his political ideas to the government? Both are standing up for what they believe to be true in their hearts. Both are considered young and naïve about situations (Jesus was much younger than many of the church leaders). Both are told that they are out of their minds and that they need to fall back into the line that society has spent centuries trying to uphold. I grew up in a church that preached that Jesus was perfect. He healed the sick, performed miracles, and never sinned. I guess you could say this was true, but it is true to us in this time. Back in the day, Jesus was considered a drunk, a man shouting obscenities, he was known for the company he kept. He touched people that were exiled from their communities because of their illnesses; he was friends to “harlot” and people who engaged in what the church considered promiscuous behavior. Even when he performed miracles he was accused of being possessed by the devil. While doing all this, he travelled the land preaching God’s word.…