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Perspective essay

18th of March
This essay explains different perspectives of the relationships between technology and architecture. My goal is to explore and compare others view with my view by means of investigating the affect that technology has given to architecture. To be more specific, the aim of this essay is to find out the artistic value of the technology by using modern architecture.

A definition of the term architecture will give in the main body. Then, I will give a brief introduction of the background of Modern Architecture. In the end I will explain my own perspective and compare with others’ perspectives. In the conclusion I will answer the question that is the technology will affect architectures a lot, and is it a positive affect or not.

While discussing Architecture it is very important that we understand the philosophy of it. ‘We employ materials like stone, wood and concrete, and with these materials we build structures this is construction. But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good, I am happy and I say this is beautiful. That is architecture. Art enters in.’ (Le Corbusier, 1923). From its beginnings the architecture and technology are closely tied together. The meaning of architecture is a building that has functions and artistic value.

The two decades closing the twentieth century witnessed explosive economic growth on a global scale. The needs of new buildings increased a lot. During this time the modern movement has changed a lot by the speedy development of new and high technology. Throughout the twentieth century these technology has brought to us a lot of new styles.

High-Tech Architecture is the one have most close connection with technology. As its name the central to high-tech architecture was the Mechanomorphic idea that architecture should be like a relentless machine. However, High-Tech architecture is not only machinelike but also has high technology in building design. What architects’ design is all about the technology and the functions of buildings. In term of the function of High-Tech Architectures, architect will not focus on the artistic value of it. But it is interesting to mention that the functional structural elements of the building were outside of the building. The “function looking” of the High-Tech Architectures makes the appearance of buildings have really high artistic value. The different facade gives the architecture itself a very strong identity.

In this term’s study I have discussed the relationship between technology and Architecture. In my opinion, it is so fair to say that high technology contributed positively to the architecture design in terms of the artistic quality of building itself. However I believe that technology gives more advantage affects than disadvantages’ to architecture. Architects apply high technology in building designs promote the functions of the building, also the new materials using in architectures can increase the artistic value of the facade. But some designers create some landmarks that have strange structures in terms of be remembered by citizens.

In Even’s presentation he described the relationship between “Deformity Buildings” and technology. Deformity building is a building with a grotesque architectural modeling, which causes a strong impression on the viewer visually. He believes that new technology makes these radical, pompous and conceited ideas become true. Architects should consider functions of architectures rather than just use new technology to create a beautiful facade.

However I do not think that technology makes whose building became true. I think it might because the influence of society changed ideas of…