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Judge 1
Carollynn Judge
Ms. Kocheff
Honors English 9
20 October 2014
Inexperienced Hunters
At just 14, Ian Muro was claimed to be an experienced hunter. The Colorado teen had already accumulated much game as his. He would go out hunting often, alone. Little did he know this would lead to his demise. Ian accidentally shot himself the week of 23 October, 2013. A memorial service held soon after his death brought many people together to commemorate his loss ( Deaths like Ian’s happen surprisingly often. Ian’s death is one of about
“300,000 deaths of [children and teens] between the ages of ten to twenty­four from accidents, homicide, or suicide… [a] vast majority of these deaths are believed to be preventable” (Why Do
Teens Make Such Bad Decisions?). The average age of license obtainment and hunting alone is
15. These “accident” deaths are the result of poor choices, such as hunting alone. These choices are the result of poor judgement, a lack of deep thought, and a desire to be alone. With the results in mind, it is clear that adolescents under the age of sixteen should not be able to hunt without adult supervision to reduce injuries, incidents and accidental deaths.
Most adolescents are known for poor judgment and bad decisions. Choosing to hunt alone is one of those decisions. Scientists believe the cortex of the human brain, which deals with judgment, is to blame. The cortex does not fully develop until the mid­20s (Why Do Teens Make
Such Bad Decisions?). Teens’ minds focus mainly on the reward of potentially risky situations, such as hunting alone, rather than the risk itself. People, including teens themselves, would

Judge 2 oppose this argument, saying teens can be responsible and put serious judgment and thought into an important choice like hunting. They prove a good point; however, it is typically heard of teens acting irresponsibly when faced with a decision or power, such as hunting. Adolescents, people with a tendency of poor judgement, should not be faced with the power of hunting alone.
Shallow thought also plagues the minds of adolescents when faced with a responsibility such as hunting. When faced with a potentially risky situation, teens have been known to make hasty decisions without any real thought involved (due to the cortex of their brain). This goes for hunting as well as a variety of other choices­ choices that could lead to deaths like Ian Muro’s.
Although the statement is true, many teens would oppose this, saying they are capable of making rational decisions based on deep thought. People may also believe that, when faced with a great responsibility (like hunting), teens will step up and be mature about their decisions. While this may be the case, it is more common of teens making hasty decisions instead of rational ones.
Due to a frequency in hasty decisions and shallow thought, teens should not be faced with the responsibility of hunting alone.
Teens also would want to hunt alone as a chance to be alone. Most teens say they are