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Today, in Canada the imprisonment rates are extremely high and continue to be an issue for First Nation people. In 1996 the Federal Government imposed the legislation that will be in place specifically tailored for First Nation Natives, (Aboriginal) Under the Criminal code section 718.2(e). (Dept. of Justice p.33) Contrarily, the criminal code is a positive thing based on the history of colonization and suppression. However, the code also has negative denotations, implicated from the general public, who do not understand why the code is centrally made for First Nation Aboriginals'. The attorney general of the department of justice says' " Nationally, Aboriginal people are less than three percent of the Canadian population, but must compromise almost twenty percent of all total federal prison population...using the latest census data, we estimate overall incarceration rate of Aboriginal Canadians to be 983 per 100,000 or almost nine times higher than the rate for non Aboriginal people." First of all , the sensitivity of the new legislation of representation by the Canadian government serves the socioeconomic problems, in a traditional sense, for the First Nation persons. One reason for the "Special" treatment for criminal offenders is based on the underlying impact of Marginalization of reservations. Minorities in society suffer from the lack of education, lack of resources, child protection issues, segregation of the main stream culture; Which research shows in the high rates of incarcerated Indigenous First Nations. Furthermore, the aggressive assimilation of the policies that are still in place by Law enforcement effect people who live in reservations. In particular to this placement, factors due to the abuse that impacted not only First Nations but also every other persons of racial creed. Generally, these are the reasons that the principles have been established by R.v. Gladue (1999) Therefore, the