Persuasive Essay On Mind Reading

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"What a boring class...” "Is the sun the moon´s boyfriend?” "The black dress with the green polka dots” "What is the square root of 2,345...” "How can she be so beautiful”"He is so cute...” As I looked through the classroom filled with people, I started imagining what they might be thinking about. Different things came to my mind as I was scavenging through every single face expression in the room.While contemplating the idea of "reading minds” I found myself being fascinated by it. Getting to know every single thought that runs through everyone´s mind; wouldn't that be incredible? The mind is the most intimate thing you could ever have as a human being. Opening up, and revealing your thoughts, for me is a bigger exposure than the one of being naked in front of billions of people. The intimacy that is in your thoughts doesn't compare to any other kind of intimacy you could ever have with anyone. Your mind is where you can be your own self. In your thoughts you don't need to pretend to be someone you are not. You can speak your mind with all the liberty you could ever get. Who will find out anyway? Who can judge you there?
Telepathy or mind reading is the ability to sense thoughts of other people and communicating by thought. The superpower of telepathy
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But not even in that kind of ambience I see it as a weak superpower. How can someone win a chess game when the opponent knows every move they are about to make? It is exactly the same in a fight. By reading your adversary´s mind you know every move they are about to pull on you, knowing exactly when and how to skip their punches, and obviously when and how to