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Would you want your child to go through obesity? Here at Otay Ranch we have a problem,

The food is very unhealthy and doesn’t contain much nutrients. How can we learn if the greasy food

Gives us headaches?

The first reason I believe we should have off campus lunch is because of health issues. After

attending Otay Ranch for three years the food is either too greasy or just isn’t quite appealing. For example,

in the article Pros & Cons About Open Campus? they state “ students can get better food.” When off

campus, the food they can buy could be way more nutritious rather than having the unhealthy food they

serve here, such as Subway and or a salad from Souplantation. By letting students off campus, It would

allow us to have a healthy meal which can lead to a healthy mind for learning

The second reason why I think we should have off campus lunch is because it will give us a chance

to learn about trust. I’ve known some people who have off campus lunch and the school has certain rules

about O.C.L. If those rules were to be broken, there are serious punishments. In the article Pros & Cons Of

Off Lunch Campus? They say that “ It gives students the confidence in their ability to make conscitious

decisions.” All us students want is to be trusted to have O.L.C in which in some way help us learn of

responsibility. Can we have a chance to be trusted?

Some of you who are reading this may feel that the students would bring back contravenes back to

the school . This is probably true. However I am not one of those people who would abuse this privilege.

Although they may take