Persuasive Essay On Public Transportation

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Jennifer Washburn
Kaplan University

Oh no! I am running late for my appointment and I have no way of getting there. Having transportation is such a relief knowing someone can be where they need to be. The elderly and women with children has places they need to be such as: doctor's appointments, WIC, even if they just want to go the store to get food. One issue we have is that there is not enough buses around here to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be on time. To be able to do any of these actions we would need to fundraiser money so we can make it happen and make a difference in the community. Ask yourself when you are riding on a bus what will happen if there was not a bus to bring you places like it does now? Public transportation is becoming more of an issue lately and needs to be resolved. The government should be using the old school buses as transportation, and have at least one bus in every city, and also keep up with the fundraisers to keep it up and running. Everyone does not stop and really think about where the old school buses go after they get rid of them. The schools should talk to the government about putting them to a good cause and use them for more public transportation. Public transportation is becoming more of a problem today and should be taken care of. Sabrina Wood had stated that the buses are becoming more less as the year comes. Old buses can cost anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000. They usually go to an action or to a dealership. ( Public Transportation Takes Us There) So therefore we need to find more buses so that the public transportation can keeping going. So we all want to know how we can help the community well, we can by having the schools donate the old buses that they do not use anymore. Some quick facts about public transportation is that in 2011 Americans took 10.2 Billion trips with public transportation.

Every city struggles of not having the proper transportation that they need even if it is just to the store or doctor's offices. We should work together so we have buses in not only the big cities but in the smaller ones. Old buses can be a lot of work but, if the government chips in they can make them work so the community can use them again like recycling and not just have the buses go to the junk yard with them having life to them. As Sabrina Wood said “ I want to see more buses in other cites and women and the elderly be able to go places that they need to go”. 7,700 organizations provide Public Transportation in the United States. Also there will be employment opportunities opening if there is more public transportation in more cities. A $54 billion industry employs over 400,000 people. With the world today with employment going down that will be a great way to bring it back up where it should be. ( Public Transportation Takes Us There)

Fundraisers can be a great way to keep the buses up and going. The type of fundraiser that will work for something like this are: car washes, bake sales, and yard sales. Having fundraisers is a great thing to do when you want to