Persuasive Speech About Life

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Today I get to start over, like flipping a page and starting a new chapter. Today I get to move to Los Angles, California full of vast alluring beaches, famous actors and actresses, delicious food, and more. This is my first time moving and it's not because of jobs or anything like that... in fact, it's because of being 'too smart'. Too smart? Pretty dumb right? I'm in my freshman year of high school but I have the knowledge of a college student, or at least that's what everyone says. People at my old school say I'm like a human dictionary. In my opinion, that's not that much of a problem right? On top of that, I have really high expectations from my mom and dad based on my level of knowledge. I mean, it's not my fault! I just …show more content…
What a coincidence!” We walked towards the front door, my heart pounding out of my chest. Is anyone going to judge me? Do I know everything I need to know to be here? Will I be kicked out? So many things going on in my head, when I really just need to take a tour. Maybe I should calm down, I believe I’m being a bit drastic about this. I first walk to the office and meet the principal, Ms. Sten, and the assistant principal, Ms. Goodwill."Hi, you must be Quinn Helders, correct?" she greeted. "Yes, I am! How are you today?" "Good, I know this is your first day here so Riley will be helping you set up your locker and then give you the tour of Immaculate Heart High School." Ms. Stem explained. " Here's your class schedule, you have four core subjects/periods, with two extra classes of your choice. Followed by lunch and a 25-minute break." Ms. Goodwill added. My locker was right next to Riley's located in the middle of B hall. She gave me a tour of where my core classes are and then showed me the orchestra room since that was one of my electives. Though I love rock music, I have a passion for playing the violin. My passion has led me to be at the highest level of the orchestra- Symphonic. Riley then showed me the Choir room, where I get to sing