Pets Store Essay

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Lancaster is a pretty small city. There may be not many consumers to buy pets. Therefore we have fewer demand and we do not have a great market in Lancaster. And with the kinds of pets increase, we should employ more employees to care for pets, while, different animals have different habits, and there are some pets may need some special serves, which lead to employees con not pay attention all the time. It is certain to increase the difficulty of management, and make workers feel harder. For administrators, we lack of the professional skill, which results in cost increase. Besides, our pets store is not so big, sometimes the room will be become crowded, we should consider pets because they should some room to live. So we can not purchase many pets one-off., which will increase our transportation fees!

Threats People always buy pets that they enjoy, while, customers could be change their favorite pet because of the main stream. This phenomenon will influence the price and make our income uncertain. Another threat is that the reason. Some people profound understand that pets such as dog or some huge animals will give off some terrible smell, and in the summer, pets may get kinds of disease because of germs. Hence, many people do not want have a pet in summer. Besides, the government can always interference our business. For example, sometimes governments promulgate some lows about pets, which can make our pets store have a significant shock, even affect balance of payments. Then transportation is a big problem, we should get pets from other area, so, we can not guarantee that pets do not croup up all the time. If pets injured or dead in the during of transportation, we should compensate for ourselves.

Our customers are those who are caring and feel alone. Also some elders want to have a pet to accompany them. Besides our pet store also provide the service that assist someone to look after their pets when they travel or being on business trip. For those who have had a endearing pet, their pets always need to be cleaned and the masters all hope pets become beauteous, hence