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Philosophy, Like Art
Friendship is necessary like art, like philosophy. People are an important component of life. We are social creatures, much like a pack of animals, bacteria, mold, or any other form of life. Friendships are not formed individually. They are a result of two or more people uniting with similar and or identical interests creating a sub-culture all by itself. I think within a comfortable and satisfying society, having friends can be very rewarding and promote internal growth.
Human beings are social, carnal animals. The need to belong is essential and a banal part of ones existence. Developing and maintaining friendships is the result of the inner drive of humans. Friendships offer different things to different people, but there are some core things that friendships have. A person may have all or just some of these ties with a friend. Maybe it is a common need, maybe it is emotional bonding, maybe it is common interests and self-preservation, or it could just generate happiness or joy. The bottom line is that friends are essential and an important part in my life and society in general.
There is a misconception that friends are chosen because of who they are. In reality friendships are developed because of what each individual needs. That seems to always be what it’s about, need, need, need. We always seem to admire and want to be friends with the popular kid, or the best athlete in your school. You have to remember to never conform to fit in. If you are happy and confident with yourself, others will be also. That’s a strong component of maintaining friendships and intimacy is the thing that helps seal them. While friends may help us in needs and in this way perform some specific service. But the main function of friendship is not a means to some other end. The joy of friendship with shared feelings