Essay about Philosophy of Education

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Education is not only reading, writing, math, and science. It is also all of the experiences a child has while he or she is in school. Education should be impactful and be a tool to help kids in their everyday lives. They should be able to take their academic skills and apply them to most any situation. Education should teach children how to think critically and how to make decisions based off of reasonable information. It helps define children and lays a pathway for their futures both academically and non-academically. I believe that education is an important part of every child’s life. A child needs self discovery as well as guided direction to learn best. The role of the teacher is to be a guide for the children. They should be there to provide answers and teach the basic and essential skills the child needs in order to be successful in finding out things for themselves. The child’s curiosity should stem from what the teacher has provided them with, but the ideas should go above and beyond. I believe that the child should be able to make mistakes and learn from them. In order for them to make lots of mistakes, they should be learning by means of hands-on activities. With certain subjects, they will learn best by seeing how something comes together completely with models and demonstrations.
Children should not only be taught school subjects. They should be taught how to get along with others, how to connect with themselves emotionally, and how to respect…