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Heath of young people

1. Between the ages 12 and 24, a young person will undertake periods of physical, social and emotional growth as they transition from childhood to adulthood. There are a range of aspects of young people’s lives that are similar or different to the young people of other generations. Young people acquire values through their experiences at home, at school and in other social situations, which affects how they respond to various situations. Understanding what is important to them provides the motivation for them to take action. This differs from our generation to previous generations as experiences at home and school have changed over time. For example, most schools now have a lot more facilities and more advanced technology than schools from previous generations did, which has impacted on the school experiences. The influence of family /peers has changed from this generation to previous generations. For example There is a greater acceptance of mixed and single parent families as these become more common, thus young people’s interpretations of what ‘family life’ means are becoming more varied to what it meant in previous generations. The influence of prevailing youth cultures of this generation has many similarities to that of other generations. Some youth cultures that stand out in staying the same over the years include Goths, skaters, surfies and EMOs. For example the influences on the way Goths act, what they wear and how they talk haven’t change that much over the years. World events have a major impact on the