Physical Education Essay

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Devin Ray
Eng 102
25 January 2014

In college, everyone gets to pick a major to go into and what they enjoy doing will affect that choice. For me, I wanted to go into the health science field. This is because I like and enjoy sports and wanted to be a part of that. The major in the sports science field that I chose was physical education. If someone wants to become a health and P.E. teacher, then this is the field to go into. Also, you can be a sports coach for a school along with teaching and that is something that I would like to do.

Others choose this major for mostly the same reason that I did, they want to be a teacher. At least that is what everyone has said so far. This is a good route to take if you also wanted to be a sports coach. After I graduate school and get a degree in this field, then I plan to try to be a physical education teacher for a middle school or high school and also be a basketball coach for the school that I work at. Basketball has been an interest of mine for a long time and I think that I would love teaching the game to other kids and controlling my own team. I feel like I would really enjoy myself and have fun being a teacher because I am good with kids and to also teach about a subject that I like. Most other people in this major plans to become a physical education teacher also. Benefits of being in this major for me is that it is something that I enjoy and can have fun with. Most people that pick a major think that they will enjoy themselves doing that for the rest of their lives. This is true for me because I feel like I will be happy doing this for a very long time. Also, this major does not have a very tough classes. They are not that hard and you still learn everything that you need to know. That is an advantage because the easier the classes are, they better off I am going to be with my success in school.

Most majors also have disadvantages. The disadvantages of being a physical