Physical Education Essay examples

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Physical Education

Muscular System: Location of the muscles, their function and give an example for each muscle below.
Biceps – Upper arm
Triceps – underside/bottom of upper arm
Deltoids – shoulder
Trapezius – covers your upper back & extends down to middle of spine
Pectorals – chest
Latissimus Dorsi – back and side of back
Abdominals – between ribs and pelvis on front of body
Erector Spinae – back and extends vertically
Hamstrings – back of thigh
Quadriceps – front of thigh
Gluteals – Buttocks
Hip flexors – front upper thigh, below hipbone
Gastrocnemius – back of lower leg
Soleus -
Tibialus Anterior -

Estimating Heart Rate
Estimated max HR = 220bpm minus your age (220 – age)

Target/Working Heart Rate
Target HR = rest HR + 60% (max HR – rest HR)
Example – Name: Harry Age: 14 years old Max HR: 220bpm – 14 = 206bpm Rest HR = rest HR + 60% (max HR – rest HR) Rest HR = 56bpm + 60% (206-56bpm) Rest HR = 56bpm + (0.60 x 150bpm) Rest HR = 56bpm + 90bpm Rest HR = 146bpm

Ability to complete all that you need and desire to complete in a day without becoming exhausted.
Health benefits: reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, building/maintaining healthy bones, reduced risk of some types of cancer and improvement in movement and motor skills

Quality of life and must be viewed in terms of physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects.
Physical heath is the essential part of overall health for an individual for example diet, hygiene, fitness
Mental health refers to functioning of a person’s mind, and includes emotions, feelings and the ability