Physical Therapy Reflection

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The primary role of a Physical Therapist (PT) is to evaluate, diagnose, educate and treat patients. However, for myself being a PT is a more than being in the clinic with patients. I believe that as a PT, you are responsible for giving back to your community while advancing the communities knowledge of health care and healthy living. As well as, being active with your district, state and national organizations to support and defend your profession. All of which, I am currently pursuing and will continue to participate in throughout my lifetime as a PT.
Presently, I have been volunteering in the Central Texas community through organizations such as, Kinetic Kids, Texas Ramp Association and Work Out Help Out. Through these opportunities, I have
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Through both of these organizations I have been able to stay up-to-date and vote on the most current issues involving the future of the Physical Therapy profession. As a clinician, I believe that it is even more important to be an active member of the APTA and TPTA, in order to support and grow the profession of Physical Therapy. Where I will voice my opinion on topics of debate and defend my profession on a district, state and national level with the help of other PTs and Physical Therapy Assistants. However, I am solely interested in being an active member, instead I aspire to hold a position on the board of directors at the district level. Where I will be able to further protect and promote my profession for the Central District and Texas PT community.
In the end, I am determined not to be a PT that stays in the clinic. Instead, I strive to be a PT that goes out into the community and builds it up to become healthier. I push to be a PT that promotes and supports the profession of Physical Therapy through serving as a member of APTA and officer in the TPTA. And ultimately, I am resolute to give all that I can to create a healthier and more educated