Physician and Medical Coder Essay

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Paragraph 1

Hello and good evening; I'm writing you in response to the job you have posted on your company's website, Medical coding and billing specialist. This position is accountable for billing insurance companies for any doctor visits, procedures, hospital stays, or testing that may need to be done on a patient. As a medical coder I will also do any follow-ups as well as any claims that need to be up-to-date so the insurance claims can go through as flawless as possible to the primary billing office. I have been working as a medical coder for about two years, and I would love to become one of your team members at any of your Cedar Valley Medical Park locations. After I had my daughter, and having some amazing nurses, doctors, and technician's I realized that I wanted to work in the healthcare field. I wanted to be able to make a huge impact in a person's life, to let them know that they are not alone, to make the family member feel as if one of them is the one taking care of the patient not a stranger. That’s when I enrolled to become a LPN, but after several surgeries on my cervical and lumbar spine I realized that being a nurse would not help the patient and it would physical make a negative impact on myself. But I still wanted to be able to work in the healthcare field, with that I did my research on what other types of professions are out there for healthcare, the one that caught my eye and sparked a interest was for medical coding and billing. So here I am today now taking my knowledge and applying it as a profession.

Paragraph 2
I am writing you to let you know that my boss Mr. Romero has a current position open for an assistant, since you just moved here and you are looking for a job I thought you would be perfect for this position. Some of the requirements