Essay about Plan: Automobile and Truck

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My First Car After spending all my high school years without a car, on a warm July morning my dad gave me the best news ever. I was finally getting my own car; he was going to give it to me as a graduation gift. The only thing keeping me from my car was a one thousand mile trip to Seattle, Washington where my dad bought the truck from my uncle. One early morning my dad woke me up, screaming “Alfonso wake up!” as I laid deep asleep in the comfort of my bed. I quickly got up dressed and put my shoes on, as I couldn’t wait to get to the train station. It was going to be a long trip an entire 36 hours sitting. When I saw the train arriving at the station I was full of energy and excitement that we were going to finally embark on our trip to get my truck. We began our trip in San Bernardino; looking out the window I could see the bright sun, which after what seemed to be forever started to slowly fall from the sky and hide behind the green mountains. After hours of looking at the dry scenario of California we entered the green state of Oregon everything changed, the air went from dry to very fresh. Hours later we crossed onto Washington were I realized that it would only be a couple more hours until we would be at our destination Seattle. Once arriving at the train station my uncle was their waiting for us. On our way to my uncles house I had this joyful feeling racing threw my entire body excited to see what was soon to be my truck. As we arrived I rushed to greet all my…