Essay on Plan Of Salvation

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Good morning Bro and Sisters,

This morning I will be speaking regarding the Savior, J.C., and his role in the Plan of Salvation, and His need to come to earth, and what He accomplished while here.

25 years ago, after learning about the The Plan of Salvation from the Missionaries, I was so excited to understand my origin and destiny as a child of God.
I felt comfort knowing the purpose of our creation, the conditions of mortality, including God's commandments, and the need for a Savior.
Knowledge of God's plan for His children gave me a new perspective on the purpose of life here on earth. And since I was recently married to a wonderful man from Mexico, I was elated to know God's plan was for all His children, everywhere. Today, my husband and I enjoy traveling, sometimes long distances on foot. But, before we embark on a new adventure, we pull out all the old AAA maps to chart the course. We look at changes in elevation, possible alternative routes, and water and food stops. Before we take the first step out the door, our trip is planned from start to finish. This preparation gives our travels a new meaning, we now have a destination and a plan to achieve it. Therefore, we lessen the chance of getting lost or some other misfortune. On the same token, our HF has not left us alone to wander through mortality without knowing of the master plan which the Lord has designed for His children.
It all started with our Elder Brother, JC, becoming the leader in advocating the plan designed by the Father, and we accepted the plan and its conditions. With that choice we earned the right to come to the earth and enter our second estate. JC is the centerpiece of the eternal plan. He was sent by HF to be our Savior and show us the way to live according to God's plan. More than anything else, God wants to help us through this life and bless us with eternal life in the next. He sends His spirit to offer us help. But the scriptures say that the spirit cannot accompany us if we are sinful. John 14:15. As hard as we try to live good lives, we all commit sins that separate us from God. During this spiritual death we feel a profound loneliness when we separate ourselves from HF. 1 Nephi 10:21 How can we overcome spiritual death and always have God's spirit with us if we are imperfect? John 3:16-17
Our dear brother, JC, can save us from this spiritual death if we adhear to the following: First, believe in Him. 2nd, follow His teachings; 3rd, repent; 4th forgive.
Then, His sacrifice or Atonement can wash us clean of our sins and make us worthy to return to God's presence. Only, through JC, can we have everything HF wants to give us. JC is our Savior and our friend. He is our teacher and perfect example. He gave us repentance and forgiveness. He alone saves us from sin and death.
Today, the earth sustains over 7 billion people, that means over 7 billion sins every day! All of us come short of the perfect example JC set for us. God knew we would fall short of perfection and by His grace provided us a Savior. JC was capable and willing to take upon himself our sins. Because He paid the penalty for our sins we take His name upon ourselves to reap the blessings of forgiveness. When we sin we