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Geography CPT.
Question 1: What is the name of your settlement?
Answer 1: The name of my settlement is Actionopia.
Question 2: Is it going to be urban or rural settlement?
Answer 2: My settlement is going to be an urban settlement.
Question 3: If urban, what urban type will it be? If rural, what type?
Answer 3: My urban settlement is going to consist of an entertainment district.
Question 4: Where in Canada is it located?
Answer 4: Is it located in Calgary, Alberta.
Question 5: What are the coordinates for your settlement (latitude/longitude)?
Answer 5: The coordinates are (51 Degrees North & 114 Degrees West).
Question 6: What is the population of your settlement?
Answer 6: The population of my settlement is between 8’000 to 10’000 people.
Question 7: Depending on where you choose to place your settlement, will there be primary resources within your settlement? If so, which one (s)?
Answer 7: The primary resources will be fishing, plenty of forests, lakes, and ponds.
Question 8: What are some of the physical features that will affect your area? (Bodies of water, hills, forests, etc.)
Answer 8: Some physical features are ponds, lakes, bodies of water, and forests (trees).

Question 9: List some of the job opportunities your settlement will create for each of the following sectors: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary.
Answer 9: Primary jobs include; farming/fishing. Secondary jobs include; automobile production, engineering, and construction. Tertiary jobs include; banking, entertainment, education, retail and wholesale. Quaternary jobs include; architectural design.
Question 10: List any “extras” that will be found in your settlement (i.e. amusement park, stadium, etc.)
Answer 10: My settlement will include “extras”, such as a recreational centre called “ “where a number of sports and exercise activities can be played. My settlement will also include a movie theatre, an amusement park, shopping malls and grounds, and a fabulous bowling alley.
Question 11: What landform, climate, vegetation, soil, and Eco zone region is your settlement located in?
Answer 11: My settlement’s landform region is the Canadian Shield. My settlement’s climate has cold winters and very warm-hot summers. The vegetation in my settlement consists of mainly coniferous forests and trees. The soil type within my settlement is soggy but suitable for planting trees.
Question 12: What types of rock would be found in your settlement and why?
Answer 12: The types of rock that would be found in my settlement are; sedimentary rocks. The Canadian Shield underlines much of Canada and two small parts of the United States. Some of the world’s oldest rocks are located in the Canadian Shield near the Great Slave Lake. The age of rock is about 4 billion years old. The types of rock vary within mountains and plains much of which is now sediment (sedimentary) and are pushed around to other areas of North America through glaciers and plate movement.

Question 13: Describe the soil and natural vegetation that is found in your settlement.
Answer 13: The soil is thin and acidic, good for