Police Brutality Essay

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Today in America, police work is becoming more and more dangerous. Police officers are finding themselves in life threatening situations with criminals. During these situations the officers have to use excessive measures to control the situation. But with these excessive measures comes police brutality. Police officers are now risking their lives and not using excessive force on high risk situations with criminals so they will not get accused for police brutality. I think this is wrong and should be relooked at by the government and public. Police officers should be allowed to use excessive force for the safety of the officer’s lives, the public, and to control dangerous situations. To begin, excessive force should be allow for the safety of the officers lives. Many officers come to a scene and don’t know what is going on. When approaching a scene they try to measure the danger level before entering to call extra officers to help. But when an officer cannot measure the scene is when problems occur. When an officer enters a scene and cannot control it that is risking the life of the officer. The officer should be able to use excessive force so he or she can control the situation. Many officers have been attacked when responding to the location and cannot defend themselves because they are at risk of being accused for police brutality. Do you think its right to see someone attacked and not be able to defend themselves because they may be at risk of being accused of police brutality? Secondly, Police brutality should be used to protect the public. When a criminal files for police brutality and wins the case. The criminal is allowed to go back to their lives. This means

you’re letting a criminal who should be in jail back on the street to start more criminal mischief. This risks the whole public society life now and doesn’t complete what the law enforcements job is. Citizens shouldn’t have to watch over their backs or have to make sure their kids are safe walking down the road. They should be assured and feel save and now that crime is leaving the streets and that they don’t have to watch over their backs. But this isn’t happening and the criminals are getting away with attacking officers and are able to go back to their lives.
In addition, excessive force should be used to control dangerous situations. Many situations today are dangerous. Most criminals today carry guns and knives to defend themselves. With criminals now doing this police officers now has a harder time to detain the criminal. This is why excessive force should be allowed to be used. They can detain the criminal with force and lower their risk of being hurt. The criminal should be the one getting hurt in these situations not the police officers. Also today gangs are become more and more popular and invading all parts of the country. With this happening fights between gangs are happening called “turf war” to try to take over each other territory. Police officers are in the middle of this fight