Population Control Essay

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Population Control
“The population of the world needs to be controlled for environmental reasons.”

The world population has risen from 3 billion to 6.8 billion in the last 50 years. Countries around the world have found their own means and laws to restrict increased population. Laws that prevent population inflation in countries which are already reached their maximum capacity. Where it has become an environmental hazard to have any more people in their country. There is no more space and no more money to supply and provide for and more families and sustain them a healthy living area.
China’s law ‘one child policy’ is a law that affects 35.9% of China’s population. It officially restricts any married urban couples to only having one child. If they have another child the policy is enforced through fines that are based on the income of the family and other factors. Exceptions for several cases can be rural couples, ethnic minorities and parents without siblings themselves. The policy is controversial in China and outside. People have become concerned about negative consequences such as forced abortions, infanticide and not reporting births and have been a possible cause behind China’s gender imbalance. Authorities claim that the policy has prevented 400 million births from 1979 to 2011. Although controversial the up sides to this policy are that the one child that the couples have has a healthy up-bringing and schooling and the family is supported by the government. A survey taken in 2008 by the Pew Research centre reported that 76% of the Chinese population agree and support the policy.
In India there is no direct law although only those with two or less children are eligible for eligible for election to a local government and other social benefits. India’s population grows up to 100,000 people to its population every fifteen days. We two, ours two is a slogan meaning one family, two children and is intended to reinforce the message of family…